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Dust Reduction (Powdercoating - Pulver Kimya)


Pulver Kimya is a leading powder coating company based in Turkey, and exporting products internationally. Powder regularly leaked into the factory environment, and the existing connector system was messy and complicated to change. By installing BFM® fittings in their powder coating plant, they have considerably improved their production area environment and reduced downtime when the connectors require changing.

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The flexible connectors linking to the sieving machine were nylon bags and plaster. The system didn’t provide an airtight seal, and powder was continually leaking onto machinery and into the atmosphere. When the nylon bag connectors were due to be changed, it was a very time consuming process requiring two operators and considerable down-time.

after image



The BFM® T304L SS spigots and Seeflex 040E connectors were installed to replace the nylon bag system, providing a completely sealed system. As the product flowing through the connectors was a static powder, grounding straps were also provided to link between the spigots (shown in picture above). The areas surrounding the sifter are now clear of dust creating a much cleaner, healthier environment. Downtime has also reduced as it now only takes one person a few minutes to snap-fit a replacement connector.


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The surrounding areas and air around the sifter has been cleared, leaving a far more hygienic and tidier factory.
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Health & Safety

The cleaner, dust-free air creates a much safer working environment for the factory staff.
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Replacement time has been drastically reduced.
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Fitting the new BFM® connector is so much easier than the messy nylon-bags and plaster - and only takes one person.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of fitting the BFM® connectors to the sieving machine. It (the BFM® fitting) provides perfect sealing which is important for a safe and hygienic working environment and of course, we have found it very user friendly to fit.” – The engineers and operating staff from Pulver Kimya.

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