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Dust Reduction (Medical Technology)


AMEDICA is the only medical technology company in the world that has FDA clearance to use medical grade silicon nitride ceramic powder to manufacture revolutionary spinal implants. This requires an extremely high level of hygiene. When processed, however, this fine-as-talc powder infiltrated processing equipment connections and created a consistently powdery atmosphere, threatening the health of AMEDICA’s employees.

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The extremely fine silicon nitride ceramic powder could not be contained by the traditional hose clamp system and the constant dust-cloud within the factory meant staff had to wear respirators. There were major hygiene issues with product being caught for long periods of time between the flanges and the connectors, and caked-on powder had to be manually scrubbed off processing equipment.

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The BFM® fitting system, including tailored spigots and replaceable snap-fit sleeves was installed within two weeks from initial consultation. The sealed system created by the BFM® fittings meant no powder was able to escape and the environment is now dust free. Staff no longer need to wear respirators or spend hours manually scrubbing powder off equipment.


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Dust free environment with no powder escaping or building-up between equipment connections.
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Perfect fit every time – only in the correct place. There is now no room for possible leakage.
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Health & Safety

Removed significant health risk to workers - no longer need to wear respirators.
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Removed need for 6 hours’ equipment cleaning every other day & fast changeovers means less downtime and labour costs.

“From the day I first turned on our bulk powder processing equipment with the BFM® fitting installed, I was amazed. There was no more sand cloud and absolutely zero powder infiltrated from the sleeve. Our employees now work in safer environment, and labour costs have been cut as there is no longer a need for frequent cleaning.”  – Jeff Goodell, Director of Facilities and Maintenance for AMEDICA  

(Case Study courtesy of BFM distributor Powder Solutions Inc, USA)

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