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flera bfm-beslag hos ajinomoto Brasilien

Effektivitet och Hygienvinster (Mat)

24th November, 2021

Den globala livsmedels- och bioteknikjätten ajinomotos ledningsgrupp har varit så imponerad av de resultat som uppnåtts vid Limeira-fabriken att de nu har beslutat att standardisera alla sina fabriker i Brasilien med BFM®-passade flexibla kopplingar.

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Downtime Reduction (Food)

1st March, 2019

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc, USA, mills a range of flours, meals and cereals 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. They had a time-challenge with the difficult cleaning and refitting of their traditional clamp-and-sleeve...

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Standardization (Chemicals)

28th February, 2019

The engineers at Bayer CropScience, the world’s third-largest innovative agricultural input company, were searching for a flexible connector that could be standardized throughout their global operations...

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Superior Hygiene & Safety (Infant formula)

18th February, 2019

Swiss milk processor HOCHDORF 's Sulgen plant had issues with the hoseclamp connections frequently leaking powder into the factory and presenting an injury risk to fingers during changeovers.

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90% Saving on Cleaning Costs

1st December, 2017

One of the world’s largest processors of chicken meat, Tyson Foods Inc. had leaky and time-consuming traditional hose-clamp connectors that needed to be removed, cleaned & replaced every 12 hours

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Hygiene Assurance (Blood Plasma)

12th March, 2017

Plasma Industries Belgium processes around 1.2 million litres of human blood plasma per year, breaking down the individual proteins for use in therapeutic and clinical analysis products via ‘fractionation’...

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Dust Reduction (Plaster)

30th November, 2016

A leading UK plaster manufacturer was having an issue with the flexible connectors on a vibrating sieve lasting only a week at a time before tearing, causing major dust leakage and requiring significant ...

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Dust Reduction (Medical Technology)

15th November, 2016

AMEDICA is the only medical technology company in the world that has FDA clearance to use medical grade silicon nitride ceramic powder to manufacture revolutionary spinal implants.....

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Dust Reduction (Powdercoating)

14th November, 2016

PT Jotun Powder Coatings, Indonesia had a challenge with paint pigment dust causing a considerable health hazard to their workers. Installing BFM® fittings to their production area has completely eliminated dust...

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Downtime Reduction (Bakery)

4th November, 2016

A large, multinational bakery in the UK was having difficulty with the flexible sleeve connecting a weigh hopper and dough mixer. Inaccuracy in fitting meant load cells were affected and each time an ....

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Dust Reduction (Sugar)

2nd November, 2016

A global sugar company in the UK had virtually given up on solving the problem of dust leaks in their rotary sifter room, where they had been using convoluted rubber connectors that lasted on average 5 days...

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Downtime Reduction (Concrete)

7th October, 2016

The canvas weigh hopper connectors at a leading British concrete products manufacturer absorbed moisture, making them prone to blockages. This caused considerable lost productivity and ...

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Flow Correction (Plastics)

13th September, 2016

One of the worlds top six petrochemical companies, a leading manufacturer of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals had a problematic flexible connection that other products and suppliers could not resolve.

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